The Qab’Team, Who are they?

The Qab’Team

Our goal:

To share tools & methods,

which have made the difference!

Maïca, the founder,

has realized in 10 years,

  – a double engineering degree in
sustainable development/ social responsibility, as well as in mechanics, reliability and industrial quality;

– a double Major Certification

– & a patent of colorist

At the same time, Maïca participated to the coordination of 3 associations
– The RCC “Réseau des Colibris de Compiègne”,
L’Âme Ortie (The Nettle Soul) “Sharing knowledge about permaculture”,
– and the Accorderie “Exchange of services in currency 1h=1h”

– Quality certification ISO 9001, ISO 26000 of companies

– to the construction of a cultural café in Les Lilas, “Le Melting Potes”

– to the foundation of the company Qab “Declutter your time!”
with the same team.

– as well as to the family education of his 4 children

Brigitte, Qab Partner,

has become, throughout her career,

Psychologist, with double specialization

      • – Making sense of action in companies
        – Help children become self-sufficient and have a solid foundation

  • Head of enterprises

  • Association director

  • Manager of the cultural café “Le Melting Potes”

  • Associated at the Qab company


The Qab team also consists of freelancers and computer scientists, whom we thank particularly.


By combining our capabilities and resources 
qab brings meaning & harmony
to your daily activities.

See you soon on Facebook or LinkedIn

or in contacting us by:


Portable: +33(0)6 51 24 77 65

Phone: +33 (0)9 53 89 23 32

Fax: +33 (0)9 58 89 23 32


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